Sunburst was born in 2002 in a breeding farm near Nakuru in Nairobi, Kenya. The farm, Rawhide, breeds horses for racing. She raced a few years in Nairobi, and won a few races too.
She was then brought back home to Rawhide due to her interesting sizes and strength that make her a natural fit to breed good racing horses. She foaled 4 times.
She is now a little bit old to continue foaling so Rawhide decided to sell her.
At the farm, she was used to living in open air with many other horses and foals. In that life, she was not ridden a lot; this is why we are currently re-training her so that we can enjoy riding her in the arena, on trail rides, or even for jumping. For now, she needs to lose some weight and do some exercise…
She is quite a big mare that will have the strength to carry all riders.
You can recognize her by her size, and her slightly lighter color in comparison to the others.

Happy Hour was born in 2001 in a breeding farm near Nakuru in Nairobi, Kenya. The farm, Nightingale, breeds horses for racing.
Just like Sunburst, she left the farm for the racetracks, but returned to Nightingale for breeding the future stars of Kenya’s racing industry. She foaled several times.
She is also undergoing retraining after her couple of years off, and will soon be suitable for arena lessons, trail rides, and jumping.
She is very calm and gentle, with a strong frame, and is easily distinguished by her three white socks.

Damara was born in 2004 near Nakuru in Nairobi, Kenya, at the same farm as Sunburst. For a couple of years Damara graced the Kenyan racetracks before she became a breeding mare. She produced several foals.
In 2012, a polo rider in Nairobi bought her from the farm to train her for polo. She did 6 months of polo training; everyday she was ridden, trained and exercised.
She is an energetic mare that will have the strength to carry all riders.
She is one of our darker horses, almost black, and “has no white socks”.
We are training her to become calmer because she will not play polo with us.

Bombax was born in 2009 to a breeding farm near Naivasha in Nairobi, Kenya renowned for training and breeding some of the best jumpers in Kenya.
Bombax’s parents are both ponies. His mother Tillah was a grey rescue pony and his father Wamda is a dark bay Ethiopian pony. You recognize a little bit of both in him.  His father is also Sonyador’s father.
He is a playful gelding, still very young at only 3 years of age, and needs a little bit more training for kids to ride him.
He will continue to grow and will soon reach the size of Sonyador.
You can recognize him by his dark grey color, and his beautiful half-black, half-yellow tail.

Sonyador was born in 2009 to the same breeding farm as Bombax near Naivasha in Nairobi, Kenya.
Sonyador’s mother is Eunice, a chestnut thoroughbred mother, and Wamba, a dark bay Ethiopian pony, who is incidentally also the father of Bombax. You can recognize their resemblance, but Sonyador is slightly taller and slimmer than Bombax.
She is the same age as Bombax, also very playful, and is almost ready for kids to ride with her.


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