Sunburst was born into a life of racing in 2002 in Nairobi, Kenya. She competed on the tracks for several years, winning a few races before being brought back to the farm to breed future racehorses. She enjoyed several years of living in the open fields, foaling four times. Now she is being trained to return to the ring, and is adapting quickly and easily.

She is a strong mare who can carry riders of all sizes, and is dark brown with a long white stripe on her face and one white sock.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour was born in 2001 in Nairobi, Kenya. Just like Sunburst, she was destined for the racetracks, but returned after several years to breed the future stars of Kenya’s racing industry. She foaled several times.

She is also undergoing retraining after her couple of years off, and will soon be suitable for arena lessons, trail rides, and jumping. She is very calm and gentle, with a strong frame, and is easily distinguished by her three white socks.


Damara was born in 2004 in Nairobi, Kenya, at the same farm as Sunburst. For a couple of years Damara graced the Kenyan racetracks before becoming a breeding mare and producing several foals. In 2012, she was bought by a polo rider and did six months of polo training, which is evident in her energy and strength in the ring.

She is very dark, almost black, and has no white socks. We are training her to become calmer, as she will not be playing polo with us.


Bombax was born in 2009 to a breeding farm in Nairobi, Kenya renowned for training and breeding some of the best jumpers in Kenya. Bombax’s parents are both ponies- his mother Tillah was a grey rescue pony and his father Wamda is a dark bay Ethiopian pony.

He is a playful gelding, very young at only 3 years of age, and still has a bit of growing left to do. He is a dark grey color with a beautiful half-black, half-yellow tail.


Sonyador was born in 2009 in Nairobi, Kenya to Eunice, a chestnut thoroughbred mother, and Wamba, who also sired Bombax- making these two ponies half siblings! You can recognize their resemblance, but Sonyador is slightly taller and slimmer than Bombax. Just like her half-brother, she is playful and moves with energy and grace.

She is a very dark brown with a white diamond on her forehead.


Lickii is our oldest and most gentle horse; he has been offering lessons at Fazenda for several years! Lickii is now enjoying retirement, and can be seen wandering the grounds patrolling for overgrown patches of grass.

He is a light chestnut brown with a white diamond on his forehead, and very much appreciates carrots and attention!


Zorro is an 8 year old gelding who has been with Fazenda for several years. He is quite experienced in the ring and suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced jumpers.

His coloring is a light chestnut brown, and he has a white stripe down his face.

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